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The 1/12 scale (6 inches) "Specimen: Lite" figure set contains the Specimen figure, but is sold with less accessories for a more affordable price.
Indcluded in the set:
1 Specimen figure
3 heads, (in the style of your choice) each with different facial expressions: neutral, rage, smirk
3 pairs of hands in different poses: relaxed, fists, reaching
Each figure is printed in your choice of Light, Medium, Dark, or Grey material colors
Made with 3D printed resin materials
** Every figure is made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to print and assemble your figure. Each figure is fitted and tested before being shipped out.

The Specimen: Lite

  • Each ArtBones figure is 3D printed, and carefully hand assembled at our studio in Brooklyn, NY. The Specimen: Lite figure has 38 points of articulation. With great detail of human anatomy, it can be used as a maquette for artist reference, or as a collectible buck body that can be painted and customized.